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I’m seriously freaking out.

Where is he? It’s almost 1 am…???

This is not cool

where is he??

Its after midnight

Where is he? He’s not usually late like this. :(( 

and he doesn’t have a stupid phone just the iPod so i can’t reach him unless he has wifi.


if u ever see me in irl ur gonna be so disappointed

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Ugh I hate when I scare myself lol

Blah lol Eric needs to come home ASAP!


charsmumplus1 yeah I guess it is bitter sweet. I can’t wait til I get paid honestly lol I do hope to find a job I actually like though. A center that I actually like. And thanks :)) I hope I can find a place like that soon lol


charsmumplus1 because were seasonal lol we knew it was coming in oct but the other girls said they usually work through oct until the second or third week. They said that this was very soon compared to other years.

I’m good though. I’m kinda sad cause money but I really wasn’t happy here. There were so many things going on that I didn’t like and I don’t think my supervisor really likes me you know. It’s just been a rough month lol so I’m kinda glad were shutting down already. I’m going to call the last place I interviewed for and then turn in some other job apps and see if my cousin can get me in where she works for now. Cause I need moneys!!! Lol



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